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Horan from Clazziquai charged with 7M won for third drunk driving offense

By Faye | Jan 10, 2017 11:35 AM EST
Clazziquai with Alex and Horan in a live performance of "Speak of Love" at The Waiting Room segment.
(Photo : Youtube/1TheK) Clazziquai with Alex and Horan in a live performance of "Speak of Love" at The Waiting Room segment.

The Seoul Prosecutor's Office charged Choi Soo Jin, better known by her stage name Horan, with a 7,000,000 won fine for her third drunk driving offense.

The female vocalist of Clazziquai was involved in an accident near an intersection close to Songsu Bridge last September 2016, according to The Korea Times. The accident happened in early morning at 5:40 AM. Horan's vehicle rammed against a truck, which caused injuries severe enough to require at least 2 weeks of rest for the driver, as per Allkpop. Her blood alcohol at the time of the accident was found to be at 0.106 percent, which is two times above the 0.05 percent legal limit in Korea.

Horan was sent under custody to the Seoul Gangnam police but was not arrested. But the police sent her case to the Prosecutor's Office last October 2016 under charges of dangerous driving, subject to a 5 - 30 million won fine and up to 10 years in jail.

This is not the first time Horan got fined for driving under the influence. The Clazziquai vocalist was already charged with drunk driving in 2004 and 2007. In Korea, the penalty for a third DUI offense is a fine of up to 5 - 10 million won or up to 1 - 3 years' prison term.

The prosecutor revealed their decision to fine her with 7,000,000 won ($5,800) on January 9. This was done in consideration of Horan's out-of-court settlement with the injured truck driver. The prosecutor has stated that it was difficult to determine whether Horan's case was dangerous driving given the situation of the accident and the subsequent damage.

After Horan's previous DUI fines were disclosed, many netizens became concerned of her drunk driving history. Some have called for her license to be suspended instead. Clazziquai postponed their scheduled comeback in September 2016 and Horan cancelled all promotional activities since the accident to allow her time for reflection.

Watch one of the last promotional activities Clazziquai had prior to Horan's accident here:

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