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Apple rumored to include 'theater mode' in iOS 10.3

By Shane Olga Ocampo | Jan 06, 2017 01:26 AM EST
Apple rumored to include ‘theater mode’ in iOS 10.3
(Photo : Getty Images/PhotoAlto) Apple rumored to include ‘theater mode’ in iOS 10.3

Using your smartphones in movie theaters can be considered as a crime by fellow moviegoers. The brightness of the screen inside the cinemas can be annoying and the movements people make while they're on their phones can be downright distracting.

Since Apple wants to improve every corner of our lives, it seems that they are making the necessary steps to attend to this moviegoing dilemma. According to a report from Collider, the Cupertino-based company is being rumored to include a "theater mode" on its upcoming iOS 10.3 update. The leaked information was revealed by blogger Sonny Dickinson, who has been known for divulging secrets about Apple products over the years.

Dickinson shared on Twitter that Apple's theater mode will come in the form of a "popcorn-shaped control center icon."

While no other details have been made available, other reports are saying that Apple has already acquired the patent for the said upgrade since 2014.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the update has been built to "deactivate cellular communications interface and/or automatically sets the device to a silent mode when someone enters a theater, and the phone will resume regular functionality once the person exits."

When in Theater mode, the device is said to have a dimmed screen to minimize distraction inside the cinema. It will also limit smartphone users from its wide-range of functionality.

Explaining this feature, Dickinson wrote: "A mode for when you're in the movie theater that dims the screen or turns everything minimalistic red."

No word yet from Apple about the matter.

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