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New Research Suggests Being A Single Dad Is Unhealthy

By Alicia Carlton | Dec 29, 2016 09:40 AM EST
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A new study from Canadian researchers showed single dads are more likely to be unhealthy than dads who have partners. The pressure that single fathers experience is also the same as what single moms have.

Fox News said that one of the reasons why single dads are stressed and pressured like single moms is because of financial reasons. Based on what the research says, not being able to have a stable job or having a low income is what usually jeopardize the health of these fathers.

University of Toronto's Maria Chiu, who is also the lead scientist of this paper, said that single dads were not the focus of studies when it comes to parenting and the negative effects of doing it alone. Most of the time, single moms have the spotlight in this study consequently, single dads don't get to have the right information on how they could improve their health and even their parenting skills.

In an interview with Reuters Health, Chiu further explained that men are not the type who would go out to find help for their health related issues, especially if it is linked to their mental status. This is why doctors and other healthcare providers are encouraged to pay attention to the needs of single dads in terms of their physical and mental health the same way they do with single moms.

Researchers of this study based their conclusion on a survey they did back in 2001 up to 2013 using the Canadian Community Health data. They found out that 12 percent of single parents suffer from having a poor health and single dads are more likely to call their physical and mental health in poor or fair state. Times Of Malta wrote that being a single dad nowadays simply means to put a man's health in danger.

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