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IOI will have their final public setting appearance at the ‘Seoul Music Awards’ before disbandment

By diana | Dec 28, 2016 12:46 AM EST
Young fans cheer on IOI during their performance at a K-Pop concert in Seoul.
(Photo : Getty Images/Jean Chung) Young fans cheer on IOI during their performance at a K-Pop concert in Seoul.

As they would say it, all good things must come to an end; hence, IOI has been confirmed to have their final public performance at the "Seoul Music Awards" before the girls go separate ways.

Allkpop reported IOI's participation at the "Seoul Music Awards," which will take place on Jan. 19, will be their last appearance on public setting aside from their exclusive concerts scheduled from Jan. 20 to 22.

The matter was confirmed by several music representatives on Tuesday. Given that, fans, especially those who failed to get themselves tickets for IOI's concert shows, should go out and watch the project girl group perform for the very last time.

Previously, IOI was confirmed to be disbanding by the end of the year, Soompi cited. The members even promised not to get emotional when that the day comes, adding that they would like to prove that they are capable of excel in different fields.

"We became I.O.I when we were all under different agencies as trainees. I.O.I will be disbanding after one year, unfortunately, but our goal is to not become sad and show the public that we can do well in various parts of the entertainment industry," Jeon So Mi said.

She went on, "We don't want to say goodbye in tears. We want to part talking about good memories and experiences."

IOI's Nayoung added they will continue to support each other even after the girl group splits. "When I.O.I disbands and we each debut under our own agencies, we will remain strong and cheer each other on," she added.

The 11-member girl group was formed by CJ E&M through a reality show called "Produce 101." Members of IOI were chosen from 101 trainees who belong to different entertainment agencies.

During their debut in May, the IOI members knew they will have to go on separate ways before 2016 ends.

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