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The Secret On How To Stay Fit After The Holidays

By Viola Smith | Dec 25, 2016 10:11 PM EST
Christmas Dinner
(Photo : Chaloner Woods/Getty Images) A traditional festive dinner table decorated with sprigs of berried holly.

This holiday season, people are encouraged to watch their diet not just to lose weight, but to maintain a fit body. It is easier said than done because the many tempting good on the Christmas table will surely make anyone forget their goal in keeping a fit physique. But it is not impossible to enjoy all the food and still remain healthy.

Lots of people have almost given up to the idea that they will be able to meet their diet plans soon as the holidays kick in. The problem is not the amount of food on the table nor the occasion itself. What jeopardizes people's diet and health is the way their mind works around on the table. In an article published by RGJ, it is best that people are enjoying the food they are eating.

The media and lots of people keep saying that Americans gain at least five pounds annually right after the holidays season over when in reality, there is no black and white proof to back up those reports. There was even a study that says people really only gain a pound after the holidays starting from Thanksgiving all the way to New Year's. It turns out that people tend to overeat when they think too much about it.

Although that could be the case, it is still not a good reason for one to not be mindful of what they are eating. It is always a combination of what to eat and how to eat the food on the holiday table. According to Fitness Goals, portions matter and it is always best to start with less food. Using a smaller plate would give the illusion that their plate is full, which would make them not go for more food. Bottomline, if one enjoys their food and is not stressing out on the whole diet agenda, there is a huge chance that they would not overeat.

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