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Former Rainbow member Seung Ah becomes the new face of Misaki jewelry

By diana | Dec 17, 2016 12:28 PM EST
Seung Ah leads Rainbow in their performance on MCountdown.
(Photo : YouTube/Mnet K-POP) Seung Ah leads Rainbow in their performance on MCountdown.

Seung Ah is looking stunning as she posed for her newest endorsement of a jewelry brand called Misaki.

According to Yibada, the former Rainbow member was chosen as the new brand ambassador of Misaki because of her aura and appeal. Misaki became Seung Ha's first endorsement after the idol pursued a solo career with GnG Production.

"We were drawn to Seung Ah's innocent yet alluring charm. Not only does she match the vibe and design of the "Misaki" brand the best but also the jewelry will showcase her charms," the jewelry company said in a dispatch.

In October, Rainbow announced their disbandment after seven years in the music industry. Reports claimed the decision was personally made by the members of the girl group.

"We hope that like a rainbow that shines bright anywhere, the members will be remembered for their bright, positive image and that people will continue to send their wholehearted support and encouragement for their future activities," DSP Media announced.

Meanwhile, aside from accepting promotions, Seung Ah also maintains a YouTube channel where she talks about several things ranging from fashion to travel. On top of that, Seung Ah was recently appointed as the new reporter of a TVChosun program.

When the former Rainbow member had to interview a YouTube blogger, things seemed to have gotten out of hand as Seung Ah instead appeared on a channel called LilMarvel, Allkpop cited.

Although Seung Ah's reasons for making an appearance on the channel remained unknown, many are speculating the idol was just returning the favor since she was supposed to interview the YouTuber.

However, the interviewee shockingly splash Seung Ah's face with water. And to everyone's surprise, LilMarvel even uploaded the video and titled it, "Asking out a girl group member after throwing water at her and then telling her that you gave water to a flower."

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