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Oh My Girl members are the new faces of Doori Cosmetics

By diana | Dec 05, 2016 03:37 AM EST
Oh My Girl members featured in the official music video of their single "Closer."
(Photo : YouTube/1theK) Oh My Girl members featured in the official music video of their single "Closer."

WM Entertainment announced the newest model of Doori Cosmetics is girl group Oh My Girl.

Allkpop cited the Korean band has completed their first photoshoot for Doori Cosmetics as per their agency. Aside from that, Doori Cosmetics revealed they have prepared several promotional activities with Oh My Girl for the brand.

In addition, Doori Cosmetics added they have upgraded their original medicinal hair care to an overall hair care image.

"We decided that Oh My Girl, who is showing off their fresh, innocent image through music shows and variety shows, would be able to relay our company's new brand characteristics well, so we chose them as our model," the company announced.

It added, "We will increase our brand value through Oh My Girl and hope to reach our younger audience with a fresh charm."

After the announcement, fans are wondering whether JinE will join the group for the promotion of Doori Cosmetics. "I'm really proud of my girls, but I need an update on JinE, please," a fan posted.

It can be remembered that JinE had to stop her promotional activities after suffering from anorexia, Soompi reported. WM Entertainment announced JinE's condition in August, stating that the label wants to prioritize the health of their artist.

"JinE will temporarily halt activities due to health reasons. We would like to apologize to fans who love Oh My Girl and JinE for relaying this news suddenly," the agency said.

WM Entertainment went on, "JinE showed symptoms of anorexia after debut so she went to a hospital and received an evaluation and treatment. JinE and the company contemplated over the issue for a long time and decided after discussing the matter that our company artist's health comes first."

Although many fans want to see JinE back with Oh My Girl, others also understand the idol is going through an intricate condition.  "I miss her as well, but people need to understand that Anorexia Nervosa is a serious mental disease, it's not comparable to something like a physical injury or anything like that," a netizen wrote.

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