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T.O.P joins Harry Styles, Kit Harington in Vogue UK's '50 Fittest Boys' list

By Maria A. | Oct 14, 2016 10:53 PM EDT
Singer T.O.P arrives on the red carpet during the 2015 amfAR Hong Kong gala
(Photo : Jerome Favre) Singer T.O.P arrives on the red carpet during the 2015 amfAR Hong Kong gala

The boys of Big Bang are no stranger to receiving international attention. Most recently, rapper T.O.P was featured in Vogue UK's list of "50 Fittest Boys," joining several other swoon-worthy heartthrobs.

Vogue UK's list comprises male personalities that possess a "well honed blend of talent, charisma, a dose of style, a sparkle in the eye and a great big helping of 'It.'" The men included in the list is as diverse as it can get, ranging from singers, actors, models and athletes.

"If you're not on that K-Pop hype you might not be all that familiar with one of the genre's biggest stars, T.O.P - however millions and millions of others are devoted followers who mime every lyric, know every rap and have watched his multiple movies," Vogue UK writes about the 28-year-old singer-actor.

T.O.P finds himself in good company. The list also includes superstars such as Harry Styles, Kit Harington, Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, Liam Hemsworth and Brooklyn Beckham. The "Doom Dada" singer is the only Asian star on the list.

In the meantime, T.O.P has been busy with several projects. Earlier this month, Sotheby's Hong Kong launched a young private collection that featured an auction curated by T.O.P. The auction reportedly raised $17.5 million.

He wrapped up for the upcoming German-Chinese action movie "Out of Control," which also stars "The Vampire Diaries" actor Michael Trevino. While filming in Cologne, Germany Trevino sat down with local press to talk about the movie. He briefly mentions T.O.P, saying that they did action sequences together.

"Out of Control" tells the story of a Chinese actress, played by Cecilia Cheung, who is kidnapped while visiting Germany for the Berlin Film Festival. Her rescue is now in the hands of a Korean secret agent, portrayed by T.O.P, who also happens to be her ex-fiance.

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