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Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend Bae Suzy is the newest cover girl of Ceci

By Riezel | Sep 26, 2016 10:05 PM EDT
Singer Suzy from Miss A attends the Burberry Seoul Flagship Store Opening Event on October 15, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.
(Photo : Getty Images/Han Myung-Gu) Singer Suzy from Miss A attends the Burberry Seoul Flagship Store Opening Event on October 15, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

From her sweet and innocent image, Bae Suzy broke out to an even more mature image for the October issue of the fashion and style magazine CeCi.  Suzy is known for her "nation's first love" image.

Known for her sweet and innocent image, the 21-year old actress switched into a more challenging, sexier and daring look whilst maintaining a sweet, vibrant image. Suzy further revealed that she wants to be a multi-faceted performer.

Following the photo shoot, an interview regarding her life, work and personality commenced. Questions like if she was a kind person popped-up, to which she revealed that being kind is not necessarily natural, but it is basic. Stressing that she was not that nice and kind before becoming a celebrity but as time goes by being in the industry, she realized that being kind and sharing a good synergy is vital, Kpop Herald reported.

Suzy further revealed that you cannot forced kindness just because you are told to. Rather, it just came out naturally as she tries to keep a cheerful atmosphere whenever she is working.

In other news, rumors that Suzy and her Hallyu star boyfriend Lee Min Ho have ended their relationship has been circulating online recently. It was reported that Suzy cheated on Lee with Korean actor Sung Joon.

However, agencies of the two star denied the break up rumor and assured that the two are still together. A source from the Hallyu star's agency MYM Entertainment even reported that "Due to his busy schedule in K-Con 2016, Lee was unable to confirm the truth. We later heard directly from him that they are still meeting well," Soompi quoted.

Lee is reportedly making a comeback with Sassy Girl lead actress Jun Ji-hyun. While Suzy is set for an Asian and North American tour together with "Uncontrollably Fond" co-star Kim Woo Bin.

The two started dating last March 2015 in London. Despite their busyness with their respective careers and being discreet about their relationship, still, fans can't stop checking for updates regarding their relationship.

Catch Suzy in "Uncontrollably Fond" below:

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