Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 7 review

By Maureen Blas / 2016.09.15
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On "Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Goryeo" Episode 7, I could say that Soo still enjoys working at the palace despite the downfalls because of her clumsiness and other people's treatment towards her.

We know that Hae-Soo is a 16-year old teenager from the Goryeo Dynasty and that Go Ha-Jin was trapped inside the teenager girl's body when she came across a total eclipse of the sun.

In this episode, Soo meets her superior, Court Lady Oh, who will keep the bubbly court lady under her supervision. She asked Soo if she knew about herbs, who happily replied that she knows a lot of it including cosmetics. However, her lively attitude was curbed when she was asked if she could read and write because she could not, which is considerably a sad truth.

After getting instructions from the sanggung, Soo came out and found Prince So outside, who seems to be waiting for her. During their conversation, the prince got angry because of the cut on her wrist that could have caused her death if it's been a little deeper. He warned the sobbing Soo not to do it again because he will no longer forgive her.

Continuing on their stroll around the palace, So told him that those who live inside the palace walls are alone but Soo contradicted him that it's not true since she has him by her side. That is so sweet!

Meanwhile, in a scene where Soo is learning to write and read, Wook came and offered assistance. He even gave her a bracelet with a white jade to conceal the scar on her wrist. Wook said that the red thread will protect her from misfortune while the jade signifies a happy relationship and asked her not to remove it. He also wrote his name "Wook" which means the "rising sun." The prince kissed her on the forehead and assured her that he will help her return to where she belongs.

In another scene, So became mesmerized after he heard Soo singing a modern song for Prince Eun's birthday. Well, he's not the only one to do so since all of his brothers became silent when she began to sing. He can't help thinking of her, especially when he was alone.

I am just wondering why a scar is a big deal when it comes to inheriting a throne. So revealed his scar at Eun's birthday celebration and it looks like his siblings saw a ghost. In my opinion, it's not gross because it is just a light scar. If I were to ask, So does not need to cover almost half of his face just to conceal it.

Well, so much for the review. Everyone did a great job portraying their role especially Soo who looks innocent and upbeat all the way, which might be the reason why she wins the heart of almost every characters in the story. There could be a love triangle between Soo, Wook, So. I wonder who Soo would choose. Who do you think it will be?

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