Jun.K reveals school achievements in ‘Problematic Men’

By Dianne Sencil / 2016.09.13
2PM member Jun.K during the TonyMoly 10th Anniversary in Seoul.

South Korean singer-songwriter-actor and 2PM member Jun.K is not only inclined in music alone. In his recent guesting in the Sept. 11 episode of the talk show “Problematic Men,” the artist shared that he is also into writing, revealing that he had received numerous awards in journalism back when he was still a student.

According to Jun.K, he had received a total of over 70 writing recognitions from elementary to high school. Due to this, everyone in the show was truly impressed with his remarkable skill.

“From first grade to sixth grade, I made it a habit to write a diary every day, so I would look at things for a long time and think about them,” Soompi quoted Jun.K as saying. He added “I read a lot of books when I was little. My mother herself enjoyed writing, and starting with my book reports, she consistently looked over my writing and helped me.”

After revealing his accomplishments in writing, Jun.K also shared one of his poetry pieces when he was in the fourth grade titled “Tennis Shoes.” He wrote: “Tennis shoes, I’m sorry. Today, I washed them and put them along the window sill. The new tennis shoes are wearing the sunlight.”

The show’s hosts were blown away of how the actor’s choice of words at a young age. Meanwhile, host Ha Seok Jin suggested that the star should get inspiration from his works at times when he encounters writer’s block writing a song, All KPop reported.

Born as Kim Min Jun, the KPop idol made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2008 after joining the boy group 2PM. Three years after, he began his solo career with his debut single "Alive."

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