‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ news: N7 Day teased; BioWare announces voice-over contest for potential characters in the final game

By Migs Casas / 2016.09.13
Gameplay of the highly anticipated “Mass Effect Andromeda” have already been showcased during the PlayStation Meeting earlier this month.

Gameplay of the highly anticipated "Mass Effect Andromeda" have already been showcased during the PlayStation Meeting earlier this month.  However, there haven't been any solid details on the official plot, synopsis or release dates yet. However, there has been information that November might give fans more news.   

The game's company BioWare announced that fans should look forward to next month for any more updates, according to Attack of the Fanboy. However, as of now, based on their official Twitter account of Mass Effect, BioWare teasingly tweeted "The journey to Andromeda begins... #MassEffect," Accompanying that tweet was an image that read "N7 Day November 7, 2016."

Of course, this would probably mean that the game company would be revealing more on the anticipated "Mass Effect Andromeda" on said date, defusing any rumors that the game will be released that early. In fact, the third entry of the "Mass Effect" series is set for release in Spring next year, as BioWare has reiterated many times earlier.

Other than the gameplay, the PlayStation Meeting also revealed that the male and female protagonists are actually siblings. Both are named Ryder, most likely that may be their last name. Additionally, in earlier videos, the character in the N7 was reported to be the siblings' father. Again, nothing much else has been revealed on the game's plot.

In other news, BioWare has announced a contest related to the upcoming epic space RPG. Those who may have confidence and enthusiasm can join the voice-over contest, according to Polygon. The game's company will be searching for voice-over samples, and if any of the contestants win, they would have a chance to be featured in the final game, with all-expense paid trip to the actual recording studio.

Contestants can choose one of the two given articles with one featuring a character named Jonathan Tate, an indie documentarian, who interviews the protagonist Ryder, and the other featuring two mercenaries having a conversation.

An official video will give more details, but the competition is only open to "legal residents of Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States." Deadline for these entries is on Sept. 28.

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