NBA News & Rumors: Heat could allow Chris Bosh to suit up 2016-2017 season on blood thinners

By Raymund Tamayo / 2016.09.12
Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh

Recent reports are out that the Miami Heat could finally allow All-Star power forward Chris Bosh to play in the upcoming season even when he is taking blood thinners.

The 32-year-old 11-time NBA All-Star is having problems with blood clots in his legs for the past two years. His last two seasons were actually cut short as he had to take blood thinners to suppress his condition and it was deemed risky by team officials and doctors for him to continue playing while taking them.

Bosh publicly said that he had been frustrated about not having to play because of it and had repeatedly expressed his desire to suit up for Miami in 2016-2017. The Heat has not yet given any assurance that he will be cleared to play in the coming season and so rumors went out that the former Georgia Tech standout is threatening to ask for a trade to a team that will better handle his situation.

However, the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reported that "there is growing optimism" Bosh is close to "being cleared by the Heat to resume his career while remaining on blood thinners".

Bosh actually suggested late last season that he could play in the playoffs and give the Heat's frontline much-needed reinforcement, but Miami team officials turned him down saying that it would be too risky to allow him while taking blood thinning medications.

The fourth overall pick of the 2003 draft had said that he was "taking a new form of blood thinner that would be out of his system in eight hours or so", which could let him play during game time.

The Heat still denied the request and so Bosh remained sidelined in the entire postseason as they lost to the Toronto Raptors in seven games during the conference semifinals.

This time, though, Heat officials are reportedly "more open" about that suggestion, although he may be prohibited to play in the second game of back-to-backs.

Meanwhile, Fansided noted that getting Bosh back to start the new season is "good news" for Miami after the team recently announced that incoming sophomore shooting guard Josh Richardson is set to miss training camp and the team's season-opener due to a partially torn MCL.

Should the Heat push through with their plans, head coach Erik Spoelstra's starting lineup would be Bosh, Hassan Whiteside, Justise Winslow, Goran Dragic, and probably Dion Waiters with Richardson still recuperating.

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