Mel Gibson, Andrew Garfield talk about their strong faith behind Australian-American biographical war film ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

By Daphne Planca / 2016.09.06

Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield talk about their strong faith behind the Australian-American biographical war film "Hacksaw Ridge." Gibson is back in the director's chair.

Gibson and Garfield were recently interviewed during the premiere of "Hacksaw Ridge" at the Venice Film Festival. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garfield plays the role of a Seventh-Day Adventist Desmond T. Doss in the "Hacksaw Ridge." He believes that his character is an important character for our times. He said that having a man who can hold on to his core despite the culture of an environment that is opposite to his beliefs is a rare thing.

Garfield thinks that people should be inspired to the kind of righteous living since being true selves is tricky in the culture nowadays. He continued that Doss is a wonderful symbol with his core value of being true to oneself and to operate from a place of love.

Gibson also spoke of the incredible faith that drove the Doss story in the "Hacksaw Ridge." He said that Doss was a man of great courage and strong conviction and strong faith. He admits that he is inspired with Doss when the character faced the Japanese artillery and the lead that was flying around armed with only strong faith.

"Hacksaw Ridge" is about the true-life war drama of Doss. The character Doss is the first conscientious objector in the U.S. history to receive the American Medal of Honor. He felt that it is his duty to serve during World War II but cannot disobey his religious convictions against picking up arms. He overcomes the ridicule of the Army and is disdain to serve as a medic at Hacksaw Ridge during the Battle of Okinawa. His untold bravery was that he single-handedly rescued the lives over 75 of his comrades under constant enemy fire.

"Hacksaw Ridge" marks Gibson's return as a director after a 10-year break during which he is played the lead in several tabloid scandals, as Variety reported. It will open in theaters on Nov. 4 in the United States. It has been recently reported that a 10-minute audience standing ovation happened after the lights went up at the said film festival.

Watch the video of the official trailer "Believe" for the upcoming war film "Hacksaw Ridge":

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