PAX West 2016: ‘Dead Space’ developer Visceral Games sheds more light on upcoming ‘Star Wars’ title

By Migs Casas / 2016.09.05
“Dead Space” developer Visceral Games has shared some information on the upcoming “Star Wars” title.

Talks about the upcoming "Star Wars" game have been ringing loud during the PAX West 2016. "Dead Space" developer Visceral Games has been shedding light on matter.

Dualshockers interviewed Visceral Games' Amy Hennig shared some information on the game although being high-level about it. Hennig mentioned that she had to be careful in speaking about the game since it is still in development. But she did add that the game company is in collaboration with Lucasfilm's Doug Chang and the story team.

Hennig also assured fans that the company will work on the game to be as "authentic" as it can with the whole Star Wars feel. It can even go farther if possible. The story itself will be an original one within the franchise's epic universe. However, any other information regarding on who or what the story revolved around on still remains to be seen.

While keeping the "Star Wars" flavor, the new game has plans on bringing new elements as well such as new characters, tech, locations, creatures and storylines.

According to Gamespot, Hennig also mentioned that she previously worked as a writer and director for Naughty Dog's "Uncharted" series, noting the similarities and differences between that and "Star Wars." In the matter of storytelling, she noted that in the case of "Uncharted" (or even "Indiana Jones," since they are similar), the audiences or players are "kinda stuck" with the protagonists, whereas the "Star Wars" series cuts away to other characters, like the antagonists, to show what's going on the other side.

Hennig also mentioned about the "privileged observer problem," in the case of the designer's perspective. The "privileged observers" pertains to audiences, not the protagonist, in which we see the conflict of the characters while they don't. It is part of the "suspense." The game developer is still determining on how mesh that all in the game.

Like in the "Star Wars" films and most games, the protagonists will be portrayed as something akin to "under dogs" that would resort to wit, survival instincts and teamwork to overcome "odds stacked against them." Hennig also mentioned that it would be quite a challenge pulling that concept off.

Electronic Arts, which Visceral Games is part of, showcased a short video featuring the unnamed "Star Wars" game. The footage showed Imperial banners on buildings and Star Destroyers hovering over a town that looks similar to Tatooine or Jakku ("Force Awakens"), which probably made fans assume that the plot may be set before or after the events of the seventh "Star Wars" film.

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