Ex-lovers Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone spotted together in London but are not dating

By Daphne Planca / 2016.09.02

The ex-lovers Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are recently spotted in London. They are seen strolling together but not dating.

Fans are speculating that Garfield and Stone are dating again. However, sources claim that their relationship is simply platonic. "Amazing Spiderman" co-stars were all smiles as they walked around London's Convent Garden over the weekend. The actress wore wide leg culottes with a white camisole, a denim jacket draped over her shoulders, and a pair of leather slides. Meanwhile, the actor was bundled up in a cardigan with cuffed jeans and black sneakers, as People reported.

Reports suggest that there was no intense drama happening between Garfield and Stone. Both are in good terms and remain close with each other. After four years of dating, They had decided to call it quits early in 2015 after four years of dating. However, the news did not circle around until October.

Other reports suggest that Garfield and Stone barely had time for each other because of their hectic schedules. The Hollywood stars are feeling the strain of long-distance dating, resulting to their break up. Fans are quite disappointed that the former Hollywood "it" couple are not actually back together. Many are still thinking that even if the ex-lovers decided to go separate ways, they are still in love with each other.

According to Just Jared, Garfield is currently in the middle of filming true love story "Breathe." The film is based on the true story of a handsome, brilliant, and adventurous man Robin whose life takes a dramatic turn when polio leaves him paralyzed. Andy Serkis is the director.

Meanwhile, Stone is busy playing the role of Billie Jean King in "Battle of the Sexes," together with Steve Carell. She is also rumored to be in the middle of negotiation with Disney for the role of villain Cruella de Vil in an upcoming live-action origin story "101 Dalmatians."

Watch the video of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone sharing a calm evening stroll together in London on Sunday:

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