‘Half-Life 3’ rumored to have possible release dates; VR compatibility highly likely

By Migs Casas / 2016.08.30
A promotional image for Half-Life 2 with heroes Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance

Valve's "Half-Life 3" has been one of the topics of speculation in video game history. Formerly known as "Half-Life 2: Episode 3," there were numerous claims that keep popping up in forums and gaming conventions on whether it will be released or not.

Hoping on an actual announcement on the game's status, fans have spotted a huge promotional poster in Gamescom 2016 in Germany that had the signature orange color of the franchise and the huge label "Half-Life: 3," according to Eurogamer. However, upon closer inspection, the poster also had a subheading beneath the title which continued the statement of the title, making the entire title translated to: "Half-Life: 3 editors who played it back then." Meaning that there were three editors who played the original game when it was released.

It was reported that two websites Spieletipps and GIGA Games paid to have the poster made as an elaborate prank, with the actual announcement on the game still being in the air.  

"Half-Life 3" was supposed to be in early development around 2007 but progress has stopped for numerous reasons. Vine Report did quote from a source that there are speculations that the game may be released within the next few years, which would mark the series' 20th anniversary. Additionally, further claims state that the game may continue in development before 2018 with the possibility of it being virtual reality (VR) compatible.

Other reports claim that the game may even be released early in 2017, with additional assumptions that a new "Left 4 Dead" sequel will be also in the making. To further this claim, the team reportedly have also moved to a new office. However, fans won't have to hold their breaths at the moment until there have been any further announcements on "Half-Life 3".

The original "Half-Life" game was launched back in 1998, receiving a whole lot of positive reviews. The sequel released on 2004 also had its own share of positive feedback, with its amazing physics system. Both games also had their expansions which was also just as well-received.

Fans have been longing for the continuity (or even conclusion) of the series as everytime a "Half-Life" title comes out, surprises are sure to follow.

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