'Jurassic World 2' will feature Bryce Dallas Howard as main protagonist, not Chris Pratt

By M. Mahajan / 2016.08.27
Bryce Dallas Howard plays the lead role of Claire Dearing in "Jurassic World" franchise.

After the success of "Jurassic World," the sequel from the franchise is all feared to woo fans. The schedule for the subsequent release of "Jurassic World 2" is set to be on June 22, 2018. The movie's story will feature an entirely new set up, feature Bryce Dallas Howard as the main lead now, instead of Chris Pratt's character.

It was teased by Colin Trevorrow that the will revolve around the rival companies, who are making dinosaurs. He also added that Howard will return as main protagonist. In the prequel, Howard's character Claire Dearing was much talked about because of his choice of footwear while running around with the dinosaurs and it was deemed very much unrealistic.

Dearing was running away from the dinosaurs at the island of Isla Nublar but what made waves was the way she was running in heels. It was said to be funny and unrealistic, even more so when compared to the dinosaurs at Isla Nubar.

It not only made headlines but also the whole situation made the actress a joke, and that is what she fears now for her upcoming sequel. According to her, it was completely unexpected for obvious reasons but since it happened, she does not want to have a running joke for the rest of her life, especially she does not want people to constantly refer it even 80 years from now, Huffington Post reported.

With this note and the heels controversy, the upcoming sequel "Jurassic World 2"which is ready to hit the theatres soon. It is being marketed as "Jurassic World" sequel with a reference of "No Heels 2018," CinemaBlend reported.

Howard will be seen as the main protagonist amongst dinosaurs and she will definitely be trading in her new footwear this time. Apart from this, Howard was recently seen in Disney movie named "Pete's Dragon," which also featured dinosaurs. Accompanying Howard, were Oakes Fegley and Wes Bentley in lead roles. Released on Aug 12, movie has so far collection of $63. 8 million against budget of $65 million. The movie has mostly received positive response and has even won Truly Moving Picture Award.

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