'Bates Motel' Season 5: Rihanna joins; Norma to still play big role after dying

By M. Mahajan / 2016.08.27
Freddie Highmore plays the lead character of Norman Bates in thriller TV series "Bates Motel."

As horror-thriller series "Bates Motel" gears up for its finale season, the makers of the show have roped in the Barbadian singer Rihanna to portray the role of Marion Crane. The announcement was made during the Comic-Con International Convention, San Diego.

According to CNN, it is believed that Rihanna will be enacting an important role in the show. "Bates Motel" official Twitter account shared a video of Rihanna disclosing her role.

She revealed in a surprise statement to fans, "I am about to check into the Bates Motel very soon. Guess what else? Guess who's playing Marion?" Post her stint in films like "This is the End" and "Battleship", the 28-year-old "Work" crooner is all set to show her acting prowess on the small screen.

The fourth season ended with Norma dying in the hands of her son. However, this doesn't mark the end of Norma's role in the series. With more twists, Norma is going to have a huge role in the final season.

In conversation with Zap2it, Norma shared that the series is going to be on "more liberties and lunacy, given the fact that she is a figment ... a ghost that he's creating" and the show will continue "being a playground".

With the death of Norma, it will be interesting to see altering and surprising changes in behavior towards Norman. His brother Dylan and Norma's husband Sheriff Romero will have big part in changing the path of the series and making it more thrilling.

While some believe that the show will be now based on the lines of the film "Psycho", the makers have told that it's going to be different. The fifth season will exhibit how Norman deals with situations post his mother's death. The show is likely to air in March 2017.

"Bates Motel" is an American television series, installed with various drama sequences. The series is a contemporary prequel to the film "Pyscho," a 1960 film by Alfred Hitchcock, aired on cable network A&E.

Apart from Vera Farmiga, it stars Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Nestor Carbonell and Olivia Cooke. The film revolves around the life of Norma (Farmiga) and her son Norman Bates (Highmore), who owns a motel in the beach town of White Pine Bay, Oregon.

Watch Norma and Norman Bates' best moments together.

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