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'One Punch Man' Season 2 release date still a guessing game

By Selene Sui | Aug 23, 2016 01:26 AM EDT
Saitama in "One Punch Man"
(Photo : Facebook/Toonami) Saitama in "One Punch Man"

The first season of "One Punch Man" had its original run in Japan last year, and fans have been waiting to find out when Season 2 of the popular manga's anime adaptation will be aired.

There are rumors that the second season will commence once cable network Adult Swim is done airing the English-dubbed version of Season 1. So far, it is now in Episode 6 titled "The Terrifying City," halfway through the 12-episode run. Some are also guessing that the success of the English version will equate to an earlier release of Season 2.

There are also reports that the sophomore season of the anime will be announced in September and will be aired starting in October or November, but these are, thus far, mere speculations.

Last year, Anime Corner cited a tweet by illustrator Yusuke Murata, which reportedly said that he would work hard to make Season 2 possible. However, the message was not definitive and not a confirmation, so fans will have to wait and see what would happen next.

Murata is behind the remake of "One Punch Man," which was originally created by manga artist One and self-published in his own website. The two have worked together on different projects, such as "Gokiburi Buster" and "Dotō no Yūshatachi." One is also the creator of the ongoing series "Mob Psycho 100," serialized on the Ura Sunday magazine.

Apart from rumors on when Season 2 of the anime will be released, there are also speculations on what's going to happen to Saitama and the rest of the heroes. Yibada mentioned reports of the protagonist having a love interest.

"One Punch Man" Season 1 ended with Saitama finally defeating Boros. The fight was extreme, with both of them having had the need to use their most powerful moves. It is, likewise, speculated that Boros will return to face off with Saitama once again.

For now, "One Punch Man" Season 2 has not been officially announced.

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