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'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 rumors: Anime to focus on Touka; release by winter?

By Selene Sui | Aug 12, 2016 08:36 AM EDT
'Tokyo Ghoul' fans are waiting for the third season of the anime adaptation.
(Photo : Facebook/TokyoGhoulTV) 'Tokyo Ghoul' fans are waiting for the third season of the anime adaptation.

Fans of the "Tokyo Ghoul" are undoubtedly waiting for the third season of the anime, and rumors have surfaced that it might be coming soon. Although the people behind the series have not made any announcement, some fnas are speculating that there is now enough material in the manga for Season 3 to push through.

Citing an August 2015 report by Anime Maru, Yibada says that Season 3 of the series will go back to the source material. Madhouse Entertainment, who is taking over the production from Studio Pierrot, reportedly intends to remain faithful to the manga as much as possible. Fans will recall that Season 2, titled "Tokyo Ghoul √A," told an original story that was far from the one written by mangaka Sui Ishida.  

According to Anime Maru - if the report is still accurate after one year - the third season called "Tokyo Ghoul √(-1)" will be centered on Kirishima Touka. Episode 1 reportedly features Touka giving a monologue about having to select a college to attend: Duke University, To-Oh University, or Kamii University.  The report says that there are now fewer ghouls getting accepted in college and more are dropping out.

The "Tokyo Ghoul" anime Season 1 was aired in 2014 and Season 2 was aired in 2015.

The "Tokyo Ghoul" manga was first released in September 2011 in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump, and the finale was released in September 2014. The sequel, titled "Tokyo Ghoul:re" was first published in October 2014 and is still ongoing. There is a two-year time jump between the two stories. 

In related news, a live-action movie is set to be shown in summer next year.  Protagonist Ken Kaneki will be played by Masataka Kubota while Touka Kirishima will be portrayed by Fumika Shimizu. According to Anime News Network, the principal photography started in July and will end in September. 

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