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Iranian authorities prohibit 'Pokémon Go' due to security reasons

By Maureen Blas | Aug 08, 2016 03:27 AM EDT
Business Sets Hours For Pokemon Go Players
(Photo : Getty Images/Ethan Miller) An electronic sign displays a message setting hours for Pokemon Go players at Ethel M Chocolates on August 2, 2016 in Henderson, Nevada.

While the rest of the world enjoys the hunt and battling of "Pokemon Go," Iran does not welcome the phenomenal game. Iranian authorities cite "Pokemon Go" as a threat to the nation's security.

Some governments express their worries and fears about the game's impact on the security of their nation. Iran is one of those governments and is further taking precautionary measures by prohibiting the addicting game in the country. The state's High Council of Virtual Spaces didn't give specifics as to why except for "security concerns," Engadget reported.

As one Tehran "Pokemon Go" player cited in his Twitter account, "It's quite difficult to be in the streets and be focused on both hunting Pokémon and on the lookout that the gasht ershad [Iranian morality police] don't hunt me. Life has become hard :)." Advox Globalvoices, an anti-censorship blog translated the tweet.

Eventually, Iran's present Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei organized The High Council of Virtual Spaces. Its goal is to avoid the country from getting inflicted from the danger of accelerated diffusion of details and communication technologies. It emphasizes on the world internet network and its significant part in social and private life, according to Independent.

Iran is the initial nation that puts a ban on ''Pokemon Go'' while Iranians can't stop playing the game even if they have no access to the official server. Authorities are still anticipating to what limit of cooperation that Niantic and Nintendo could provide them.

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