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Leak shows not only two but three versions of new iPhone 7

By Maureen Blas | Aug 08, 2016 04:49 AM EDT
The new iPhone SE is displayed during an Apple special event at the Apple headquarters on March 21, 2016 in Cupertino, California.
(Photo : Getty Images/Justin Sullivan) Apple Introduces New Products

Apple has just introduced some of its new products a few months ago and now they are about to launch another product to join the iPhone family. There have been leaks, rumors and updates regarding the new iPhone 7 that the world is very anxious about.

It was first thought that the new iPhone 7 will have two versions following the numbering scheme of the iPhone family. Surprisingly, there will be not one or two new next-generation iPhones because it is going to be three new iPhone 7. 

According to MacRumors, the three versions of iPhone 7 leaked on YouTube with different colors and sizes. The new iPhone 7 in gold measures 4.7 inches while the other two handsets measure 5.5 inches that come in silver and rose gold. One of the larger handsets has a built-in camera with single lens and the other one with dual lens.

Beforehand, rumors about Apple working on two versions of iPhone 7 with a 5.5-inch screen display with an epithet of 'Plus' and 'Pro' already faded. However, with the leak posted by 'Bshop Kuwa', the speculation was reignited.

Unbox Therapy has unveiled some of the confidential features of the new iPhone 7. Aside from the colors being mentioned, the new iPhone 7 will also come in blue. There will be no port for the headphones but has built-in two external speakers and a Smart Connector. Host, Lewis Hilsenteger found out that the new iPhone 7 Plus is thinner compared to iPhone 6S Plus, Forbes reported.

Last month's leaked image of the iPhone 7 "Pro" featured a Smart Connector but with the latest video, it doesn't show anymore. Also worth paying attention too is the model number of A1429 from all phones in the video distinguishing an iPhone 5 version in Apple's numbering stratagem. This indicates that the phones are full-sized models.

Blogger, editor, and phone leaker Evan Blass validates Friday, September 16 would be the day iPhone 7 will be launched and is available for purchase. Pre-orders are slated on September 9, Friday. That noted, many iPhone users will surely mark their calendars especially Pokemon Go lovers.

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