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‘Doctors’ anticipated to be one of the most popular Hallyu dramas in 2016; Could the SBS drama surpass ‘Descendants Of The Sun’?

By diana | Jul 20, 2016 02:50 AM EDT
Cast members of SBS drama "Doctors" all smiles in a group selfie.
(Photo : Facebook/Doctors Page) Cast members of SBS drama "Doctors" all smiles in a group selfie.

Following the success of "Descendants Of The Sun," another Hallyu drama is becoming the talk of the town as it is anticipated to become one of the most popular Korean dramas released this year.

 According to reports, nothing has come close to dethroning "Descendants Of The Sun" for the viewership record it has set, not until SBS drama "Doctors" started airing on June 20.

IB Times reported that "Descendants Of The Sun" had an average rating of 26.27 percent for the show's first season. On the other hand, "Doctors" now has 19.2 percent average rating a month after the series started. Aside from that, these numbers are expected to climb to 20 percent in the approaching week.

Meanwhile, Asia One listed four reasons on why they think "Doctors" is better than "Descendants Of The Sun." These reasons include: Show's solid script, Park Shin Hye's totally different character, its relatable antagonist cast, and Kim Rae Won's acting prowess.

The news agency added the good-looking cast members of "Descendants Of The Sun" should be given credit for the success of the drama series; however, it said the show had a terrible script, unlike "Doctors," which the news agency said do not have a pretentious plot.

On the other hand, actress Park taking an entirely different role is a plus point for the drama series. Unlike her past characters, the 26-year-old actress plays the character of a troubled teenager on "Doctors." With that said, fans will be seeing a completely different Park in this drama series.

To top it all, actor Kim has been receiving good feedbacks for his acting skills. Aside from that, fans are going crazy over Kim's cheesy lines on "Doctors."

With these reasons being laid down, could "Doctors" surpass "Descendants Of The Sun?" Medical romance-drama "Doctors" airs every Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS.

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