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Calvin Harris Follows Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift Again on Instagram; Loses Armani Underwear Campaign

By J. Javelosa | Jun 23, 2016 09:22 AM EDT

Calvin Harris just refollowed his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift on Instagram after unfollowing her a week ago after they called it quits.

Harris and the award-winning singer Swift ended their relationship earlier this month. Harris then proceeded to unfollow her on Instagram, and went as far as deleting all the photos of them together from his feed.

Swift, on the other hand, still follows Harris, although she also purged her Instagram account of a few photos of them together.

However, on June 22, Harris decided to become an Instagram follower of Swift once again.

There are rumors that Harris felt "betrayed" by Swift after she was spotted canoodling with British actor Tom Hiddleston not long after they broke up.

The superstar DJ is said to be suspiciously curious of the timeline of Hiddleston and Swift's relationship and thinks that it might have overlapped with theirs.

A source told Hollywood Life that "Taylor and Tom had a connection at the Met Gala, that much is clear, and they kept in touch even though she was with Calvin at the time."

Meanwhile, life appears not to be smooth sailing for Harris as just a few weeks after his breakup with Swift, it was announced that Armani had dropped him as their underwear model.

A photo posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on Jul 27, 2015 at 8:51am PDT

An told The Sun that, "Calvin shocked the world by appearing in the raunchy ads and it certainly helped raise his profile. However, it was clearly a one-off as Armani is looking for fresh talent."

While that sounds harsh, it is said that Harris being dropped from the Armani campaign was not just Armani's decision alone.

Apparently, Harris also decided to part ways with the brand to form his own. "It's a mutual decision as Calvin is looking to expand his brand by incorporating his own fashion line. The original campaign benefited both parties," the source explained.

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