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‘Avatar 2’ Premiere Date Delayed; James Cameron to Release 4 Sequels of ‘Avatar’?

By Jarred Eugenio | Jun 22, 2016 02:41 PM EDT
Avatar 2 is expected to premiere on December 2018.
(Photo : Facebook/Avatar) Avatar 2 is expected to premiere on December 2018

Critically acclaimed director James Cameron has announced that the release date of the sequel of one of his blockbuster movie Avatar would be pushed back to a later date.

Avatar 2 will not hit the big screens until December 2018 - a year later than the original premiere date, which was December 2017. Cameron reportedly decided to move the premiere date of Avatar 2 because he did not want the movie to go head-to-head with Disney's Star Wars movie, which will come out in December 2017.

Fans were not that pleased to hear that Cameron was somewhat afraid of competition from the Star Wars movie, as having two blockbuster films during the holiday season could be thrilling.

However, it is clear that the decision to move Avatar 2's premiere date is not entirely about competition. Cameron was quoted saying that he needs more time to polish the movie's scenes and make it as perfect as the first one. He added that pushing the premiere date a year later could help him enhance the quality of Avatar 2.

In other news, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Cameron already made up his mind to release four more sequels to Avatar. The director was reportedly having trouble fitting all his ideas in the succeeding sequels of Avatar. As a result, instead of just having three sequels, Cameron decided to add one more to fully tell the story of Avatar.

According to Cameron, he decided to create one more sequel because he felt like compressing everything into three sequels was "very limiting."

Avatar 2 is expected to premiere in December 2018, but no exact date has been revealed yet.

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