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China’s Version of ‘House of Cards’ Will be Used to Fight Corruption; Government Official to be Main Villain

By J. Javelosa | Jun 20, 2016 09:34 AM EDT

An upcoming Chinese government-produced TV series will be used to shed light on the country's long fight against corruption, as well as other political agendas. With a similar theme to the U.S.'s House of Cards, the new Chinese drama is expected to rival the Kevin Spacey-led series in popularity.

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The Chinese TV series, which has the working title In the Name of the People, is being produced by China's Supreme People's Procuratorate's Film and Television Center. According to China Entertainment News, the deputy director of the center, Fan Ziwen, revealed that the drama series follows the central leadership's efforts to eradicate corruption since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012.

The upcoming 42-episode drama series has attracted a lot of attention. This would be the first domestic production to ever feature a top government official as the main villain.

In the Name of the People stars Zhang Fengyi and Lu Yi. According to Shanghaiist, the series centers on a government investigator named Huo Liangping, who gets transferred to Bianxi, a fictional province in China. There, he tries to discover who is responsible for a head honcho's death.

As Huo gets deeper into his murder investigation, his wife, who is an undercover agent, begins to gain knowledge of the shady dealings of the local party secretary. The secretary is eventually put on trial for charges related to misconduct and bribery.

Filming for the show has reportedly been completed, and it is now in post-production. In the Name of the People is set to premiere later this year.

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