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JYJ Fans Withdraw Their Support for Yoochun

By Angel Soleil | Jun 17, 2016 12:22 PM EDT

JYJ fans are pulling back their support for Park Yoochun. A lot of them are losing their trust in the singer-actor due to his involvement in multiple sexual assault scandals.

The official announcement was made through the band's fan gallery. Fans have agreed to withdraw their support for Yoochun, but will continue supporting the other members of the group: Junsu and Jaejoong. Many have expressed their disappointment and removed all promotions and related content that favors the reputation of the singer.

The reason why JYJ has garnered a huge number of supporters is not solely based on their music. Their music is good, but their reputation is better. For more than seven years, JYJ has not been involved in any scandal or issue that has gone far enough to be brought to the court. None of the members has ever been accused of any unethical actions.

Furthermore, the members were known for their values and their advocacy for just actions. Thus, the alleged misdoings of the singer defies their advocacy for justice. Regardless of whether the accusations are true or not, Yoochun has already created noise in the media and left such as negative impression.

It is for this reason that JYJ fans think supporting Yoochun could damage the reputation of the remaining members of the group, who have not been involved in any scandalous cases. This would be challenging since Yoochun is still part of the group. However, for the sake of the other members, he has said he will quit the group if he is proven guilty for the chargers.

On a different note, the sexual assault allegations that a 20-year-old female made against Yoochun has been dropped. However, police are still investigating a second accusation that Yoocun is facing. 

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