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‘American Gods’ episode 3 spoilers, predictions; Shadow’s fate and a surprise visit from the past

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | May 11, 2017 11:56 PM EDT
The Leprechaun confronts Shadow about his lost coin in 'American Gods'
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Official Promos) The Leprechaun confronts Shadow about his lost coin in 'American Gods'

"American Gods" is taking the country by storm as the story of the gods unfold in every episode. As always, Shadow Moon is once again dragged into Mr. Wednesday but someone else is coming to spoil the party. (Warning: Spoilers on the Series and Book)

The Story so Far

Neil Gaiman's live action adaptation of "American Gods" have been impressive so far in its adaptation of its original source as it gives life to some of the most interesting characters in the book. Mr. Nancy and Biquis, the Queen of Sheba naturally draws attention even with limited screen time. It will be an interesting scenario when Shadow and his boss Wednesday finally get to meet them.

According to Spoiler TV, the upcoming third episode of the popular fantasy series once again tests the patience of Shadow since Mr. Wednesday announced that they would have to rob a bank to earn some money. But before they could rob a bank, the cliff-hanger in the previous episode still looms as Shadow has agreed to be killed by Czernobog after losing in the game of checkers.

The upcoming episode, Shadow will also have a surprise visitor as he mulls over his status of employment. Whoever the person is, the situation will definitely convince him to get on board with Mr. Wednesday. According to Carter Matt, Shadow's boss is preparing a war and he needs funds to command an army by his side.

The Return of Laura

One of the characters making an appearance on episode three of "American Gods" is none other than Laura Moon. Although she was presented as hallucination or a dream in the previous episodes, she comes back alive to Shadow. The gold coin her husband left in the grave brought her back to life.

Episode three will be aired on Starz on May 14. Watch the teaser for the upcoming episode below.

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