Nintendo Switch sales is soaring, sold out within hours

By Menahem Zen / 2017.05.02
The new Nintendo Switch game console is displayed at a pop-up Nintendo venue in Madison Square Park, March 3, 2017 in New York City.

Sales of the Nintendo Switch is higher than expected. Since its opening day, the new game console from Nintendo is sold within hours.

Senior Director of Merchandising of GameStop video game retailer, Eric Bright said that the sales of Nintendo Switch are exceeding expectation by selling out within hours. Bright also recommended consumers to come quickly in order to get the console, because the demand is very high.

"We knew it would be a high-demand product," Bright said in an interview with Forbes. "Right now we're not seeing sales going down at all."

According to Kotaku, Nintendo reported that Nintendo Switch has been shipped over 2.74 million units. Nintendo also reported its game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is sold 2.76 million.

Nintendo Switch is the hybrid game console from the Kyoto-based video game maker. It allows players to play the game inside their home and also bring part of the console outside to continue playing the game when they are on the road.

The console is Nintendo's answer to the booming of mobile gaming. Following a sharp decline to the company's revenues since 2014 with the drop of its game console, Nintendo tried to invent a new product that could entice its users back. Furthermore, the sales of Nintendo's portable game console Nintendo 3DS were not as good as expected.

Nintendo invented a hybrid game console and named it Nintendo Switch. The latest game console was announced in October last year. Nintendo Switch was designed primarily as a home game console, consist of a docking station and a main unit which can be used as the tablet computer. The console uses wireless controller Joy-Con as its primary controller with motion sensing and high-definition tactile feedback.

Nintendo Switch was released worldwide on March 3, 2017, and it has been in high demand. Watch the GameSpot report regarding the crazy sales of Nintendo Switch below:

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