‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ chapter 121 recap, spoilers; CCG rebels brewing against Furuta

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.04.19
Amon reveals his feelings to Mado in 'Tokyo Ghoul:re' chapter 121

The latest chapter of "Tokyo Ghoul:re" examines three sides of the story and each offers some telling settings that could alter or affect how the story unfolds. Kaneki, CCG and Furuta are going to do something drastic in the upcoming chapters.

Chapter 121 Recap

Chapter 121 of the horror manga series "Tokyo Ghoul:re" is now available in Manga Stream. The latest iteration is basically divided into three stories: Mado and Amon wrestle with their feeling of emptiness since leaving CCG without any direction, Furuta enlisting the assistance of Kanou to further advance his Oggai soldiers, and a small CCG faction questioning the ability of the new leader.

It's clear that Mado and Amon are wrestling with their feelings and they are currently revealing their true feelings with each other. On the other hand, the brewing commotion in CCG could create another group that could fight against Furuta. But the leader of the CCG is ready for a fight anytime - his group of small yet highly dedicated and dangerous soldiers can withstand any enemy.

The chapter also revealed that the CCG actually believes Kaneki's execution. While Furuta's decision on public execution is not questioned, some ghoul investigators believe the leader of the Black Goat will allow his execution to happen without a strong fight.

Chapter 122 Predictions/Analysis

While the current chapter may just be a preface on something big, comments on Reddit points to the fact that the manga could be on status quo for a few more chapters. Kaneki is still trying to convince two powerful former CCGs to his team while Furuta is still building up his small but extremely dangerous squad.

The game changer in the upcoming chapters rests on another faction: the ghoul investigators who are not keen on gaining Furuta as their leader. They could end up fighting for the other side or simply work their way to overthrow the new CCG head.

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