Park Bo Young interacts with fans after ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ finale; Actress shares reason why she is not on social media [VIDEO]

By diana / 2017.04.18
Park Bo Young in an episode of "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon."

Park Bo Young still got the hype after "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" wrapped its 16-episode run last Saturday, April 15. Hence, the actress held a broadcast on V Live to interact with her fans who made the drama's success possible.

"It still doesn't really feel like [the drama] is over," she said as per Soompi. "I felt it a little bit when we watched the last episode all together and everyone was clapping and hugging each other afterwards."

Despite her rising popularity after playing the titular role in the JTBC hit series, the 27-year-old actress admitted her fans are still hoping to see more of her in dramas as well as on the internet.

"My fans are always upset because I don't do projects frequently and because I don't use social media. So, lately, I've been using V Live to interact with my fans," Park Bo Young shared.

The "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" lead star explained live broadcast allows her to be cautious of what to say and she should not spill.  "I'm not as careful as I look, which is why I choose not to do social media," she added.

Since social media has become an avenue for fans and anti-fans to communicate with celebrities, Park Bo Young, who is said to be emotional, tries to distance herself from these platforms to avoid criticisms.

Even with her chosen profession, the "Oh My Ghostess" star admitted she has low self-esteem. Park Bo Young stated she has the tendency of overthinking how other people see her.

"Even when I receive compliments, to me they just sound like things people say to be nice to me," the actress shared.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Young and her leading man, Park Hyung Sik, topped the latest ranking for brand value as per Allkpop. Figures showed that the actress placed first of the April figures, while her partner trailed at second place.

The onscreen couple have been getting much attention after showing their chemistry on "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon." Watch their lovey-dovey moments below:

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