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Park Yoochun confirmed to get married in September; Identity of wife-to-be still unclear

By Louise Bonquin | Apr 18, 2017 07:22 PM EDT
Park Yoochun shocks fans with sudden announcement of marriage to unknown fiancee.
(Photo : YouTube/Drama Lovers) Park Yoochun shocks fans with sudden announcement of marriage to unknown fiancee.

Park Yoochun is set to get married this year and this was confirmed by his agency, C-JeS Entertainment. On April 13, the agency released a statement to inform fans that the JYJ member is indeed tying the knot with his non-celebrity fiancee.

It was also revealed that news of the wedding came out before the plans are finalized so the details are not yet complete. However, the date and place of the nuptials are available already. Allkpop reported that the wedding is taking place on Sept. 10 at a hotel in Seoul.

At any rate, Yoochun is set to be discharged from the army in August then he will marry Hwang Hana in a private ceremony. According to sources, Hana is the 28-year-old granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products' owner but this info has yet to be confirmed.

As mentioned on Chosun, Hana is a power blogger who also hangs out with some famous celebrities. However, despite the impressive background that the media has been writing about her, she seemed to have refuted all of these by claiming that she is only an ordinary person.

What's more, on her SNS, she recently wrote that people should not believe what is being reported about her and asked everyone to leave her alone. Hana added that she is not dating someone for a year and never owned an online shopping mall so the reports are just lies.

Apparently, what she said on her Instagram do not match with the statements from Yoochun's side, so fans are confused about her identity and they began to doubt if the JYJ member is really getting married soon. Many think that perhaps, this is just a way to quiet down all the rumors surrounding the singer.

Whatever the reason for Yoochun's sudden decision to get married, many of his fans still cannot accept the fact that he will be a married man, five months from now. Finally, fans are wishing that the controversies will be cleared up so they can properly greet their idol once he ties the knot soon.

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