'Supergirl' Season 2 updates: Big development on Alex and Maggie's relationship; Cat Grant officially returns

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.04.18
Supergirl Season 2 news & update: Valentine’s day episode for two central characters happening on Feb. 13th

One of CW's favorite female superheroes, Supergirl, returns from their Spring Hiatus in more or less a week, and there is a lot in store for the storyline. For one, actress Chyler Leigh who plays the role of Alex, Kara's older sister, reveals that it will be a big episode for her and her character's girlfriend Maggie.

Actress Chyler Leigh revealed that the upcoming episode of "Supergirl" season two after they get back from their Spring hiatus will be a big deal for her character as Alex Danvers. The upcoming episode will be titled "Ace Reporter" wherein Kara will be using her reporter skills once more to find out more about Lena's ex-boyfriend. The latter will be portrayed by iZombie actor Rahul Kohli, according to Screen Rant. The official word on the coming episodes for the rest of the season also promises a lot of development between Kara and Lena's friendship. Thus, the results of Kara's investigation on Lena's ex will reportedly be a huge news for the both of them.

The coming episodes will also take a shift from Kara's personal life to the one of Alex's, as revealed and teased by the actress herself. Leigh said there will reportedly be a "big development" on her relationship with her character's girlfriend, Maggie as "Supergirl" season two goes on. There hasn't been any details revealed on what that big development will be, but it has been strongly teased by Leigh and their official synopsis as well.

In other news, it has been confirmed that someone will be returning to "Supergirl" season two. According to Deadline, Cat Grant who is portrayed by Calista Flockhart is set to return in the coming episodes approaching the season finale. She was a regular during the first season, but has now become a part of the recurring cast in the current season.

There have been many speculations and anticipations to her return in "Supergirl," and now it has finally been confirmed.

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