‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 86 how to watch online with English subtitles, live streaming, spoilers

By Maz T / 2017.04.17
‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episodes 86-89 summaries, titles released

After the guidance from Dende, Son Goku leaves for the island where Android No. 17 lives. Goku wants to have No. 17 in his team. However, No. 17 is a forest officer protecting wildlife. It is highly unlikely that he would agree to embark on a mission to fight for Universe 7 at Tournament of Power. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 is available for streaming.

Warning: Spoilers Alert!

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 86: How to watch online via live stream

You can watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 online through various legal streaming websites. Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Daisuki and FUNimation have official live streaming rights for "Dragon Ball Super." However, check if the services are available in your country.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 official spoilers

"With Dende's guidance, Gokuu visits the island where #17 is supposed to be, and finds him fighting against poachers. After they defeat the poachers together, Gokuu suggests that they have a match!" reads the synopsis from Fuji TV translated by Herms98.

"As Goku hurries to gather members for the tournament of power, he comes to the island where No. 17 works at an animal reserve. There Goku spars with No. 17 to gauge his power, then immediately tries to recruit him. But No. 17 turns Goku down. Why?!" reads the translation from NewType by Herms98.

In the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" entitled "Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No. 17's Joint Battle!!" Son Goku and Android No. 17 join forces in order to tackle the threat in the form of Galactic Poachers. The poachers from the space arrive and steal the animals. Can Son Goku and Android No. 17 beat the poachers?

"Dragon Ball Super" episodes air Sundays on Fuji TV at 9 a.m. JST. Stay tuned for more updates and share your thoughts with Asia Starz in the comments section below.

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