Does Park Bo Gum have a girlfriend? 'Love in the Moonlight' actor spills the beans on 'Infinite Challenge'

By diana / 2017.04.16
'Love in the Moonlight' actor Park Bo Gum in the latest episode of 'Infinite Challenge.'

Park Bo Gum had the time of his life on the set of "Infinite Challenge" and his latest appearance on the show would prove that. On April 15, the "Love in the Moonlight" actor gamely carried out all the missions set for the special Pyeongchang episode.

The Hallyu star along with the program's cast members engaged in winter sports including bobsled. In fact, Park Bo Gum surprised the viewers when he showed his skills in bobsledding, leading to their victory against Park Myung Soo's team.

But before the two teams meet for a serious competition, the "Infinite Challenge" members had a hilarious chat with Park Bo Gum where they tried to trick the actor with leading questions.

"You said you live in Mok-dong, right?" Haha asked Park Bo Gum who instantly concurred. In his attempt to catch the actor off guard, Haha continued, "So, when you meet up with your girlfriend what do you do?"

Despite the unexpected question, the "Love in the Moonlight" actor managed to keep his cool and answered cleverly. "I'd like to have a girlfriend," he said as cited by Soompi.

Aside from goofing around with the members of "Infinite Challenge," the 23-year-old actor showcased his dance moves which made Park Myung Soo envious. "Don't show off," the host told him.

However, Park Bo Gum seemed unstoppable as he danced to TWICE's "Knock Knock" and BTS' "Fire." In fact, the actor impressively copied the choreography of the boy group where his close friend V belongs.

The "Reply 1988" barely makes appearances on variety shows. Hence, his "Infinite Challenge" episode was a treat for all the fans who are waiting for his next acting project.

Previously, Park Bo Gum was also featured on "Running Man" wherein he helped the members complete a mission as per Allkpop. Although his appearance was brief, the actor obviously made the episode even more special with his participation.

Reports stated the young actor personally decided to make an appearance on "Running Man" to help Lee Kwang Soo in completing a challenge. Catch Park Bo Gum's episode below:

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