Suzy talks about confidence in her recent interview with ‘Urbanlike’ magazine

By Dianne Sencil / 2017.04.15
South Korean singer and actress Bae Suzy attends the unveiling ceremony for her wax figure on September 13, 2016 in Hong Kong, China.

South Korean singer and actress Suzy compared her level of confidence in her teenage years to the present in her recent collaboration with lifestyle magazine “Urbanlike”.

The 22-year-old miss A member revealed that she has grown to be more confident compared to her younger days where she used to get affected by others judgment. Furthermore, she emphasized that the reason why her self-belief had boosted is due to the fact that she had valued inner peace.

"I feel a lot more confident now... In my teens, I usually found myself caught up in what others would say about me,” Suzy told t”Urbanlike” as quoted by All KPop.

She continued: “However, now that I'm in my 20s, I feel things have settled down a bit and I'm more relaxed. I think the most important thing is having peace in your heart. That's the moment when I'm the happiest."

Aside from being interviewed by the magazine, Suzy also posed for a pictorial with the magazine. In the released teaser photos, the artist looked innocent yet magnificent in her natural makeup as she nailed the different outfits during the shoot.

In one of the shots, the KPop idol carried out a dreamy look as she sits on a bed with her cozy-looking dark blue pajamas. The next image, on the other hand, looked inviting as she seductively placed a pencil on her lips, giving her full attention onto it as if her life depends on the said writing material.

Meanwhile, Suzy and her boyfriend Lee Min Ho was recently reported to have thrown a party for their second year anniversary as a couple. According to Soompi, the power couple’s event was attended by the people close to them.

As a response to the reports, Suzy’s talent management agency JYP Entertainment released an official statement saying, “We saw the news, but we will not release an official statement regarding the private life of our artists.”

Check out Suzy’s “Yes No Maybe” MV below:

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