Ryu Soo Young opens up how he fell for wife Park Ha Sun; ‘Real Men’ actor shares self-made wedding photos

By diana / 2017.04.15
Ryu Soo Young shares how his romance with 'Two Weeks' co-star Park Ha Sun started.

Three months after they tied the knot in a private ceremony, Ryu Soo Young candidly shared how his romantic relationship with Park Ha Sun started after sharing the small screen in "Two Weeks."

"I appeared in a drama with Park Ha Sun. Back then, we were just two actors in the same industry," he narrated as per Soompi. "The moment I realized I was in love was when I passed by her house by chance."

Ryu Soo Young went on, "I asked her if she wanted to meet since I was in the area. On the way to the place we'd agreed to meet at, I found my heart racing. That's when I realized that I liked her."

For that meeting, the actor met his co-star at a café wherein he realized how beautiful Park Ha Sun was. Although nothing special happened during their coffee date, Ryu Soo Young did not give up and asked the actress for a hike behind his house.

The 37-year-old "Real Men" star also shared one of his embarrassing moments with his then-girlfriend. "I tried to kiss her while on the swings. She pushed me away by my forehead," Ryu Soo Young said.

He added the refusal has made him realize how much he wanted to marry Park Ha Sun. The couple started seeing each other in 2014 and decided to go public with their relationship five months later.

After two years of dating, Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun wed in private with only their family members and close friends as witnesses. For their pre-nuptial photos, the actor revealed they were self-made instead of hiring an official photographer.

In one of the photos he uploaded on Instagram, the actor was captured running towards his wife to pose for a couple photo.

During his appearance on "Happy Together 3", the actor also admitted how he felt about his wife's kiss scenes in dramas. "I didn't think I would get upset, but I did," he spilled.

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