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‘W Korea’ shares Song Joong Ki’s teaser shot for their May issue

By Dianne Sencil | Apr 14, 2017 07:38 PM EDT
Halyu star Song Joong Ki during the LINE Pay activity in Taiwan.
(Photo : Getty Images/ VCG) Halyu star Song Joong Ki during the LINE Pay activity in Taiwan.

South Korean fashion and lifestyle magazine “W Korea” has recently revealed one teaser image from their recent photo shoot with Hallyu Song Joong Ki, one of their featured star for the month of May.

In the shot released by the publication on April 13, Song effortlessly carried out his natural charisma in front if the camera while directly communicating to the viewers his pure intention and modesty. Furthermore, his laidback look while sitting in front of a tree with his printed knitted sweater matched with black denim pants will surely make his supporters love him even more.

According to the magazine as quoted by All KPop: "Revealing May's long-awaited cover featuring actor Song Joong Ki… Song Joong Ki will be featured in cuts of the desert landscape as well as the ocean in Los Angeles...Stay tuned for more photos to be released on April 15."

Meanwhile, the Song’s former co-star in the hit TV drama series “Descendants of the Sun” Kim Min Suk has recently revealed in a recent interview the unforgettable advice that the actor had instilled in him. In fact, Kim admitted that his words had changed his life in some way.

“...Joong Ki told me, ‘Do things your way. Each person has their own way of doing things so don’t mind what others are doing’,” Kim shared as quoted by Soompi.

Aside from Song, Kim’s other former co-actors Song Hye Kyo, Kim Rae Won, and Ji Sung had also inspired him in their own ways. According to him: “Rae Won told me, ‘Don’t be fazed by anything. You’re still young so you need to live more freely.’ Ji Sung asked to get a drink with me separately and said, ‘A drama starts because of you so, even if it’s tiring, you need to do your very best,’ which caused me to tear up.”

Check out one of “Descendants of the Sun” clips below:

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