‘Tokyo Ghoul’ live action adaptation; Kaneki’s power and transformation revealed

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.04.14
Ken Kaneki in his iconic mask

One of the most popular manga and anime horror series is finally coming to theaters as a live action film. To hype the anticipation of the upcoming film, the trailer was recently released and it looks to tell how everything started for its protagonist and hero of the manga/anime series.

Teaser Trailer for the Film Released

Ghoul investigators and ghouls clash in the upcoming live action adaptation of "Tokyo Ghoul." First released as a manga series, it became one of the most popular horror manga which was later adapted as anime as well as video games according to Kotaku. The adaptation is set for Japanese release on July 29.

The latest trailer lasts for 30 seconds but it features some intense sets already familiar to the fans of the anime and manga series. Kaneki's kagune is not featured prominently in the trailer but offers enough view of its power. His iconic mask is also featured and should be prominent in the upcoming film.

The Beginning of Kaneki as a Ghoul

According to Anime News Network, the film will feature the following characters aside from Ken Kaneki: Touka, Rize, Amon and Kureo. Based on these characters, the upcoming movie will feature how Kaneki became part of the ghoul community especially his transformation. Those familiar with Kaneki's story through manga and anime, it's going to be cringe-fest but it could feature epic transformation when properly done with special effects.

For the unfamiliar, "Tokyo Ghoul" centers on the story of Ken Kaneki, a normal boy who became a ghoul unexpectedly. Ghouls in the manga and anime adaptation are human-like creators that feast on humans. Fighting these ghouls are Ghoul Investigators who wields special powers that gives them leverage to the ghouls' strength and monster-like powers (called kagune).

While the movie is set for Japanese release this year, no word yet for international distribution. Watch the trailer of the upcoming film here:

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