‘My Sassy Girl’ to hold press conference ahead Joo Won’s enlistment on May 16

By diana / 2017.04.14
'My Sassy Girl' actor Joo Won during an interview with 'Entertainment Weekly.'

After much speculation, Joo Won personally confirmed he will be enlisting on May 16. The "My Sassy Girl" actor made the announcement through a live broadcast on Naver on Thursday, April 14.

His statement came after reports of his possible enlistment date made headlines on several media outlets. "I will be enlisting on May 16," Joo Won said as cited by Allkpop.

He went on, "I don't know if I'll be able to greet you again before then but it's okay. I will be going to the army, where all men born in South Korea must go."

Joo Won also promised to return after his two-year service inside the military. He added that it was his intention to personally make the announcement to his fans about his impending enlistment.

During the live broadcast, it was revealed that the actor was in "Joo Won Forest" that was given by his fans on his 6th year in the entertainment industry. Despite the rain, the 29-year-old Hallyu star showed the area to his viewers while talking about the weather.

Following the confirmation of his upcoming enlistment, Joo Won's pre-produced drama "My Sassy Girl" is expected to hold a press conference on May 15 to promote the series with the whole cast.

For his last acting project before entering the military, the actor assured fans that the SBS will offer a different approach for the drama. "It's a completely different story from the original. You'll know when you watch it," Joo Won said as per Soompi.

SBS has yet to confirm the release date of "My Sassy Girl"; however, the pre-produced drama is expected to start airing in May. The romcom series will take over the time slot of "Whisper" every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m.

Initially, the Lee Bo Young-led drama is scheduled to wrap up on May 16, but given its impressive performance, "Whisper" is reportedly in talks for possible extension.

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