Busy Phillips 2017: ‘Freaks and Geeks’ actress shares horrifying incident on Uber

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.04.14
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The "Cougar Town" actress Busy Phillips took to her Instagram to account the incident that she and her husband recently had while using the car service known as Uber. She highly believed that given the weird circumstances of the event, she thought she was about to be murdered.

Phillips took to Instagram to share an experience she felt that she was so horrified in, along with her husband, Marc Silverstein. Using the feature on Instagram wherein the user features stories that gets deleted 24 hours later, the "Dawson's Creek" star shared an experience wherein she felt that she was about to get murdered as she and her husband takes a ride on an Uber.

According to CBS News, Phillips described the incident which started off booking a car on the car service app as they were about to get home from dinner. However, she started to feel uncomfortable when the car parked away from where they were supposed to get picked up, but the couple opted to walk to the car instead.

However, Phillips narrated that things got even weirder when they got into the car. She already felt a weird vibe and thus said out loud "What is going on, are we about to get murdered?" when suddenly, a man they did not know was there popped out from the back seat and said "I promise that is not going to happen."

Thus, this was when they were definitely startled, especially when they didn't know someone else was there and had to say it in a very creepy voice, as reported by Fox News. Phillips personally believed that there was something off about those guys, and she really thought that they were about to get murdered.

Nevertheless, Uber communications said that they received the feedback from the trip but no safety incident was reported. Phillips and her husband exited the car and managed to have gotten home safely. Rest assured, Uber is looking into the incident further.

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