Sophia Bush Net Worth 2017: 'One Tree Hill' Actress Launches Interior Designing Projects

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.04.14
Sophia Bush Interview - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Sophia Bush has been known for her portrayal of different roles in movies, television series and the like; currently appearing in the series "Chicago P.D." Now, the actress reveals she is onto a big project, and many believe she could be getting into interior designing.

Just recently, Bush co-hosted a brunch with the online auction site known as Everything But The House (EBTH) and during the event, she reveals her excitement to engage in conversations forming new ideas as she embarks on a bigger project at this point in her career, as reported by People.

The "One Tree Hill" actress did not divulge much detail about the project, but the people were quick to assume that it had something to do with her love for design. Some guessed that it might be a product line; others think it could be an interior design firm. Nevertheless, she is about to embark on a big challenge in her life and she cannot wait to share it to the world.

Bush has previously opened up about her love for design in many previous occasions. For one, last October, she worked with One Kings Lane in a make-over session of a cottage guest house inside her property in Los Angeles. In addition to that, the actress has been spreading her love for such interior designing through her social media account, preferably her Instagram. During the brunch event, she also curated a white elephant gift exchange with small pieces of the site's unique vintage and antique offerings.

Needless to say, Bush has definitely made some extra effort in the design of the event she was hosting, showing just how much passion she has for such thing. The actress was the one who picked the design for the flowers, tables, invitations, and many more details about the said event according to MStarsNews.

Interior design is to be added to the list of Bush's many other achievements, proving that she is more than just an actress in the industry of show business, but she is in fact an artist herself.

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