Superheroes who fought with own children much like other normal human beings

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.04.15
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Although having been known as superheroes who save the day and save everyone in unfortunate moments, they are still partly human who struggle to live their own normal lives.Who are these superheroes?

Thus, like any other, some superheroes are known to have had fights with their own children, much like any other normal human being. Below is a list of these 15 superheroes that fought with their children, and why as reported by Follow News.

1. "Batman"

Bruce Wayne had Damina Wayne, his only biological son with Talia al Ghul. He was raised as an assassin, without Bruce's knowledge of his existence. Thus angry, he fought Batman a couple of times under the influence of Talia, but later on becomes Batman's fifth Robin.

2. "Professor X"

Even though Professor X runs a school, reports have claimed that he is terrible at handling his own children: his biological son David "Legion" Haller and his legally-adopted son Scott "Cyclops" Summers. As for Legion, he has fought his father cuntless of times already, and he has been considered unbelievably powerful for his kind. One of the fights the duo had was when Legion was possessed by the Shadow King, went all crazy, went back in time to murder magneto but ended up killing Charles (Professor X) and made an entirely new reality.

3. "Wolverine"

Wolverine has always been known to be the angriest of all the superheroes to have walked the Earth. His son, Daken is so filled with vengeance which makes him not so far from similar with his own father who has been known to have some vengeance as well. Thus they clashed and struggled to be with each other.

4. "Ms. Marvel"

Screen Rant unveiled that she had a very messed up life as well, waking up one day finding out that she is pregnant and all confused as to what happened. Three days later, she gave birth to a full-grown man. She was apparently kidnapped by Marcus Immortus, raped and impregnated her so that she will give birth to him-in the real world. It got so complicated that Marvel wrote her off from the comic books for a while in hopes of the readers to forget her storyline.

There were many other superheroes who fought with their own children namely The Spectre, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Omni-Man, Reed and Sue Richards, Superman, The Cyclops.

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