'Home Again' Indie Romantic-Comedy film Starring Reese Witherspoon fo be released in September 2017

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.04.14
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Reese Witherspoon is back on the big screen as her upcoming romantic-comedy film entitled "Home Again" is set to be released in a couple of months. The actress is back for another movie that will sweep girls off their feet as they desire to meet their own version of prince charming.

It has recently been confirmed that Open Road Films will already release Witherspoon's upcoming romantic-comedy film entitled "Home Again" this coming September 8, 2017. The film was written and directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer but will serve as her directoral debut, as reported by Broadway World. This movie is produced by Nancy Meyers and co-produced by Erika Olde of Black Bicycle Entertainment, who also financed the film. The announcement on the release date of the film was made recently by Tom Ortenberg, the CEO of Open Road Films.

In summary, Witherspoon's movie "Home Again" is about her character as a separated mother of two whose life takes a 180 degree turn while in Los Angeles. She takes in three very charismatic guys played by actors Pico Alexander, Nat Wolff and Jon Rudnitsky. As they enter her life, they become part of her very unconventional family, thus it is then where the story begins. The movie also stars Michael Sheen, Lake Bell and Candice Bergen while IMR International is going to handle the international sales of the film as reported by Variety.

Aside from working on starring on "Home Again," Witherspoon recently finished filming and producing an HBO miniseries entitled "Big Little Lies" and is about to appear in Disney's upcoming film "A Wrinkle in Time" next year. The actress has a lot on her plate, and still humbly accepted the role in the film to which is the first time for Meyers-Shyer to direct. She is the daughter of Nancy Meyers who has produced and directed many known films such as "The Intern," "It's Complicated," and more.

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