Victoria Beckham, David Beckham Divorce news: Designer talks about Clothing Line, Spice Girls and Kids

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.04.14
Beckham trains children in the Guangdong province, China.

Victoria Beckham has been famous all her life; ever since she began as one of the members to the iconic group "Spice Girls" up until now that she is the wife to David Beckham and a wonderful mother to their children. As she launches her own fashion collection, she talks about her life as a wife and as a former spice girl.

Just recently, Victoria opened up to the latest issue of ELLE UK; talked about her passion for the fashion industry, her family and the things she gained from being one of the members of "Spice Girls." She explained how much she already had the love for fashion way before she joined the iconic singing group, and claims that this is the one thing she is truly interested in.

According to E! Online, she said that being part of the "Spice Girls" was so much fun but she never saw herself to be a part of that industry for a long time, as she knows that she is not the best singer or dancer. However, she accepts and endears all that she has learned during the time: staging, the lighting, the costumes and the like.

As for her family, she also has nothing but great things to speak of about her husband David Beckham and their four children. According to Victoria, one of the things that make their marriage work is their support for one another and their personal careers.

For one, when she has a fashion show, David and the kids would already be in New York, and he always finds ways to spend time with them. The couple have been married since 1999, and her husband David has been known as one of the best soccer players worldwide. They respect each other's businesses but there will also come a time when they decide to put their phones down and just talk about things, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

Despite having been busy with their respective careers, Victoria and David never fail to find the time to spend with their family.

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