'Blue Bloods' airs 150th Episode; Marks big Milestone in the TV Industry

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.04.13
"Blue Bloods" actor Donnie Wahlberg who takes the role of Danny Reagan in attendance during the screening of the CBS series at The Paley Center for Media.

The television series "Blue Bloods" from CBS recently aired their 150th episode and it took a turn for the worse given the turn of events. However, the show still managed to put emphasis on how the officers in the show still look out for everyone in their communities, and showed their dedication to the job as well.

Just last Friday, CBS aired the 150th episode of their crime-fighting series entitled "Blue Bloods" wherein the storyline took an unexpected turn when they promoted assisted suicide. Just as a recap, the episode opened with the investigation of the death of Emily Copeland, which initially appeared as a homicide. However, it was later found out that she died of a terminal pancreatic cancer infection, with her husband helping her to commit suicide to stop the pain and suffering that she felt according to News Busters

The recent episode of the series, plus all its previous episodes have proven to be featuring the value and dedication of committing to one's job, hard work, patience that the officers possess. They enact on these traits towards their respective communities as they protect them in the face of danger. Despite the difference in race, they have also managed to work their way around it which gives credit to the creators of "Blue Bloods" in promoting equality no matter the race. Actress Jessica Moore tours the set and tells more details about what happens behind those cameras as she describes what the production team has gone through in achieving such a great milestone in the industry.

According to CBS New York, actor Tom Selleck considers having such great joy on set as he sees everyone as his family, as well as others do towards each other. The show also has a loyal fan base from the New York City law enforcement, which flatters the casts even more.

There is still a lot more in store for the "Blue Bloods" storyline that the fans should definitely watch out for.

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