Bray Wyatt’s sister officially joins WWE; Will she play Sister Abigail?

By Nel Imperial / 2017.04.12
Sister Abigail

Sister Abigail's long-awaited WWE debut could be just around the corner. Mika Rotonda, the real-life sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, has recently inked a deal with WWE as part of the company's production team.

WWE's latest move to bring another Rotonda in the fold might appear on paper as ordinary day-to-day transactions, but wrestling insiders feel the company is brewing something big backstage. The prevailing buzz circulating is WWE's rumored plan to pull the trigger on Sister Abigail's first ever appearance on WWE programming.

With Bray Wyatt now back in the company's flagship show Monday Night RAW, the more it becomes necessary for WWE creative to upgrade the superstar's mystical, cultist persona. The introduction of a Sister Abigail to the WWE Universe could turn out to be the missing piece in order for Wyatt to establish himself as the next Phenom post-Undertaker era.

Bray's Sister as Abigail

Mika Rotonda is no stranger to the business. Apart from being the sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas and daughter of former WWE wrestler Mike Rotonda, she also shares with her family that same passion for wrestling.

Rotonda had previous attempt to join WWE's developmental ranks, trying out for a spot in WWE NXT. She also keeps her body in tip-top shape as a health and fitness guru, not to mention her circle of friends includes Natalya and Sasha Banks.

Pro-wrestling insider Dave Meltzer reported Sister Abigail's WWE debut could happen sooner or later as WWE realizes the massive potential the character would contribute to Bray Wyatt's development and future storyline.

While there were rumblings the character of Sister Abigail will soon be played by a mainstay female superstars, the idea of Rotonda playing as a mentor/manager to her big bro Bray makes all the sense in the world. Familiarity with Bray might be Mika's strongest edge over other Abigail aspirants. Chemistry is paramount in sports entertainment, and that's why few doubts the brother-sister partnership would work.  

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