'Overwatch' Insurrection begins; New PvE is shown, latest detail

By Menahem Zen / 2017.04.12
Tracer in her first mission in the "Overwatch" Insurrection event, as the background stories of the game.

Blizzard Entertainment officially release the Insurrection event of "Overwatch" on Tuesday, April 11. The big event for fans of the shooting game allow fans to relive the event in the history of the game.

The official announcement was released through Blizzard Entertainment website. The company stated the event allows fans to experience the first mission of Tracer in the "Overwatch" Uprising. This three weeks event allow players to explore background stories of their favorite heroes.

Prior to its official launch, the trailer of "Overwatch" Insurrection event was leaked by PlayStation France, according to IGN. The trailer was later pulled down, but fans were really intrigued to wait for the event. In the leaked trailer that has a French dialogue, the event showed co-op mode, new character skins and many other items.

"Overwatch" Insurrection also gives fans an opportunity to unlock over 100 Loot Box items. Other game experience is the chance to suit up with friends to experience the event when the Omnic Crisis began, and accompanying Tracer in her first mission to liberate London, her hometown.

The background stories of the heroes are also available to follow in "Overwatch" Insurrection. The event takes place seven years ago when Omnic rebels started a riot at the King's Row, causing hundreds people to die and thousands injured. This event will escalate into a new war between human and machine, and Overwatch agents are deployed to take care of the riots.

The battleground for "Overwatch" Insurrection is in London, particularly The King's Row map. The event is a new PvE or Players versus Environment, with four available characters that players can choose to play. Those available characters are Reinhardt, Tracer, Mercy, and Torbjorn. Other characters also appear with the retro-themed skins such as Genji, McCree, and Widowmaker and Widowmaker before she was painted blue.

Watch the trailer of Overwatch Insurrection below:

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