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'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Finale: Shemar Moore returns; CBS renews TV show

By Daniela Lozano | Apr 12, 2017 03:30 PM EDT
‘Criminal Minds’ star Shemar Moore lands lead role on ‘S.W.A.T’ reboot on CBS
(Photo : Getty Images/Mike Windle) ‘Criminal Minds’ star Shemar Moore lands lead role on ‘S.W.A.T’ reboot on CBS

A new episode of "Criminal Minds" Season 12 was aired just last week, unfortunately the fans of the series will have to wait two more weeks before the show kicks off their upcoming season finale. Now, there have been reports to the show's renewal for a new season which is yet to be formalized.

Just recently, "Criminal Minds" Season 12 aired their recent episode which covers the arc wherein the most loved Dr. Spencer Reid is being sent to jail for having been framed and accused murderer. Unfortunately, the fans will have to wait two more weeks before the series continues on with their storyline. It cannot be denied that "Criminal Minds" has lowered their audience impact especially at the loss of some of their major characters such as Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) who left the show voluntarily and Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) who was fired just after they recently started filming the current season.

The mentioned actors are two of the most familiar faces on the show who have been in "Criminal Minds" since the first season. With their recent exit to which occurred simultaneously, CBS has had their ratings of the show decreased. However, Cartermatt reported that actor Moore will be coming back for the season finale in order to offer some help to the group with their existing case. This might be the network's way to revive the showms ratings since everyone knows that he is one of the most adored characters on the show.

As for Reid's arc in the storyline and his stay in prison, many of the fans and critiques have recognized its possibility to make such a big impact to the show. The writers must not have placed that storyline for nothing. Thus, Variety reported that the show has been renewed for a new season and "Criminal Minds" season 13 is definitely coming. The fans are now more excited for what's next for the bureau.

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